About TeamWork


We envision being a value added partner to our clientele not just by slashing the additional costs but contributing effectively to the product value through our intelligent and creative services. We also aim to contribute towards the dynamical evolution of the industry by introducing cost effective, brisk and qualitative solutions.


  • To introduce cost effective and creative printing and packaging solutions
  • To add design value to our products whilst staying true to the client’s vision
  • To ensure every unit produced in our facility stands out from the rest be it on shelves or within the corporate realm

About Us:

Teamwork Packages delivers premium quality printing and packaging services to a broad clientele of Pakistan’s top notch brands and FMCGs. Offering a wide range of services including offset printing as well as design and other finishing services, Teamwork has established itself as an industry leader in the packaging industry with its use of ultramodern technology and unparalleled creativity. We print product packaging, cartons and boxes of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, as well as brochures, leaflets, flyers, and point of sales materials. Our highly knowledgeable team of experts ensure that you are supported and efficiently communicated with throughout the process of concept to product creation to ascertain that your vision reflects in our final product.

Our History:

Teamwork Packages (Private) Limited was established in 1986 by Liaquat Rasheed Sheikh. For over 3 decades now, Teamwork Packages has been committed to providing top-notch packaging and printing solutions to the industry. From just another ambitious man trying to achieve a dream, today Teamwork has translated into a larger than life packaging and printing firm with a dedicated team of professionals and a huge permanent clientele that put all their trust in our team.

End to End Services for a Visionary Product

We offer the widest range of modern printing and packaging solutions that not only add the oomph factor to your product but speak volumes about the creative process that goes behind improving the experience of your consumers.

At Teamwork Packages, we put our industry expertise to develop a worthy end product that boasts quality and credibility of our clients.

 We integrate creativity and tech savviness with modern trends through our trendy designs and modern printing solutions to provide the most sustainable and impactful packaging solution for clients spread across several industries.  We offer services in 3 broad categories.


It is imperative for a product to not only be of good use but to appeal to the customer while placed on a shelf in the market. This is where a good packaging design comes in to play.

At Teamwork Packages, we offer end to end design solutions for your products making sure your vision reflects in the packaging concept whilst staying true to our values of delivery excellent and innovative designs. Our team of experienced packaging designers produce the trendiest design solutions for you.


Age old technique blended with modern technology set us apart in the realm of printing technology. Our multicolor, highly automated and most intelligent printing presses & other printing machines ensure premium quality printing while saving time. 

Our contemporary printing and packaging facility in Karachi provides remarkable packaging solutions to make sure your brand stays in the spotlight. We help brands in maximizing their profits by providing a hassle free and sustainable industrial packaging solution.


No product is good unless treated thoroughly with a finishing process. The statement holds true especially for product packaging.

Once the printing process completes, we ensure your product leaves us looking its finest, thus offering premium quality finishing services including, folding, paper cutting, creasing and stripping etc. using our highly automated and modern machinery.


​Holographic coating technology is a cost-effective and environment friendly inline printing process that produces high-gloss, holographic effects through the use of UV coatings.​

It enhances the intensity of your printed piece while delivering sustainable benefits.​ By using UV inks and varnishes, there are no harmful VOCs emitted into the environment.​ In addition, it makes packaging more recyclable by eliminating the laminated metalized film used in traditional holographic substrates.​